Thursday, January 19, 2012

E-Girls: New unit added, "bunny"

This is a little late, but anyways~! :P A new EXILE sister unit called "bunny" has been announced. These girls are the finalists from the latest Vocal Battle Audition (the third one, to be exact), which is where the new members of Flower came from. Reminds me of what has happened with recent MM gen auditions in the sense that the other finalists get a chance to join the company. Sweet! ^.^

All the members' ages range from 12-13 years old, making them the youngest group in LDH, and just a young group in general. Like the EXILE way, they have been assigned as either a vocalist or performer/dancer. Their names, as listed in the picture, are:

- Takebe Yuzuna (Vocals)(武部 柚那/Hyogo/12 years old)
- Takeda Kyoka (Performer) (武田 杏香/Kyoto/12 years old)
- Hagio Misato (Performer) (萩尾 美麗/Osaka/12 years old)
- Hanayama Mizuki (Performer) (花山 端貴/Kanagawa/12 years old)
- Miyu Oishi (Performer) (大石 美優/Saitama/13 years old)
- Inagaki Rio (Performer) (稲垣 莉生/Kanagawa/12 years old)
- Ishii Anna (Performer) (石井 杏奈/Tokyo/13 years old)
- Yamaguchi Nonoka (Perfomer) (山口 乃々華/Tokyo/13 years old)
- Yamamoto Runa (Perfomer) (山本 月/Fukuoka/13 years old)
- Mira (Performer) (ビァッツ*[1] 美良/Chiba/12 years old)

*[1] - The katakana in Mira's name can be romanized to Byattsu... But I have absolutely no idea what that means. X.X Help?

E-Girls and Bunny Perform E-Girls Anthem

Bunny Dancing on Stage

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