Sunday, January 29, 2012


Stylips which stands for Brand-new style for lips!! Or Stylips and features the veteran idol lineup of Noto Arisa, Ogura Yui, Matsunaga Maho and Ishihara Kaori have released a teaser for their debut single STUDY x STUDY
STUDYxSTUDY is the ending theme for the anime High School DxD and will be released Feb 8th.


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  1. The return of Team Dekaris! If I'm going to support this group in any way, it'll be because of the talented and gorgeous Ishihara Kaori! Matsunaga Maho is pretty talented too. I liked Nocchi when she was the leader of Hello! Pro Egg, but a lot of her solo songs all sounded the same. Hopefully this group will impress me more.


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