Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Houkago Princess: White Base

Houkago Princess a group from Ikebukuro ,Tokyo that we have written about in the past ,has this small ,tiny in fact theater in Ikebukuro called White Base .Recently a live concert/graduation was filmed at this theater .HouPri is a good up and coming group .

Their vocals are a little higher pitched then other groups ,but it blends well.
At the end of part two and into part three the group plays some games and in the final part is the member graduation and an outside look at White Base.
If you are wondering who the leader is it`s Nana [center row 1 photo], who is older than her tiny self and voice seems.



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  1. I just watched the first video. Oh my God, that stage is soooooo small! LOL Those girls can barely move around and dance! The audience can practically reach out and touch them! I sure hope they find a bigger venue to perform in soon!

  2. They do perform at some venues that hold a few more people .Small venues 250 or so people


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