Wednesday, January 11, 2012


On March 7,BABY METAL will be releasing a CD

After being a sub-unit of Sakura Gakuin ,the princesses of idol metal are branching out of  the comforts of Sakura Gakuin to team up with the band Kiba of Akiba for BABY METAL`s new CD “Ii ne!”

BABY METAL`S record label TOYS FACTORY believes that this collaboration will mark “the arrival of a new era in Idol music"  and that it will create a  new genre in music that will set BABY METAL into its own light.

The combination of the Metal Idol unit BABY METAL and the hardcore/alternative band Kiba of Akiba is nothing short of a win-win .

A few photos of the princesses of idol metal in action.
Also on the show performing that night were the female metal bands DESTROSE, ALDIOUS, SHOW-YA


  1. Are BABYMETAL still on TOY'S FACTORY? Sakura Gakuin changed record companies twice in 2011. The Twinklestars single "Please! Please! Please!" was distributed by Go Flag. The new Sakura Gakuin singles are from Universal. I don't understand why Sakura Gakuin left TOY'S FACTORY. Their CDs had thick booklets and the songs were better!

  2. It`s common for groups from the same company to be on different labels as often the labels are all related to each other or owned by the same people. Some labels specialize in things more than others that benefit a group being on a label over another.


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