Monday, January 23, 2012

Special Earthquake Concert

NHK is organizing a six hour concert to honor the memory of the great Tohoku Earthquake.

The concert will take place on March 10 and will be called “Shinsai Kara 1nen ‘Ashita e’ Concert” (1 Year After the Earthquake ‘For Tomorrow’ Concert).

This television broadcast will be hosted by SMAP`s Nakai Masahiro and will be held jointly at Chiba`s Makuhari Messe Event Hall and Fukushima`s Sukagawa City Cultural Center.

The goal is to deliver messages of hope to the troubled areas.
Artists confirmed for the event are as follows.

For Chiba
SMAP, AKB48, Perfume

For Sukagawa
Kitajima Saburo, Sakamoto Fuyumi, Hitoto Yo, Hirahara Ayaka
The full lineup will be announced later.

NHK is taking applications to attend the concerts.

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