Friday, January 27, 2012

NMB48 Creates Team M

NMB48 has activated Team M .Team M is made up of 16 members and will see Shimada Rena serve as team captain. Shimada promised in the press conference to lead the members in her own way while cherishing each of the members. She made a request that the team be allowed to have acting skits as part of their concerts.

Team M is made up of the following members.
Ota Riona , Kawakami Rena ,Kinoshita Momoka ,Kodakari Yuuka ,Shimada Rena,
Jo Eriko,Takano Yui,Tanigawa Airi,Hikawa Ayame,Fujita Runa ,Mita Mao,
Murakami Ayaka,Murase Sae,Yagura Fuuko,Yamagishi Natsumi,Yogi Keira,

Member Photos

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