Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Niigaki Risa To Graduate From Morning Musume

The newly elected leader of Morning Musume is going to graduate from the group. Risa will officially graduate from the group on the spring concert tour and unless there are any other graduations Michishige Sayumi will move into the leader position ,something that she really wants to do and Tanaka Reina will move up to Sub-Leader.

Risa wanted to graduate with Takahashi Ai, however she agreed to stay on to help train the 10th generation and prepare Sayu to take over.   Niigaki is expected to work to become an actress after graduating.

Risa released a prepared statement addressing her graduation.

Niigaki Risa’s Statement:

    I, Niigaki Risa, will be graduating from Morning Musume。 and Hello! Project at this year’s Spring tour.
    I had been thinking about graduation myself, for about a year, I had thought about graduating with Takahashi Ai, but with the new members joining and everything, I postponed it just a little bit.
    After my Morning Musume。graduation, I’ll be studying full force in acting; I feel like I want to challenge myself with experiences in theater and dramas that I couldn’t have experienced while I was doing group activities.
    But, with these months I have left in Morning Musume。, I’ll be giving it my very best as leader!
Morning Musume。 Leader
    Niigaki Risa

Risa has done all we can ask of her as a Musume and now it`s time for her to be simply Niigaki Risa . Thank You Risa.

A look at the leader at work.

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