Monday, January 30, 2012

Nogizaka46 Guru Guru Curtain PV

Nogizaka46 debut single was broadcast on their weekly TV show earlier .The single is titled “Guru Guru Curtain” and the video features shots of the girls in a classroom and dance performance or what little dance it is. For a group that was labeled as the rival to AKB48 ,i`d expect a more here we are ,were going to beat you type song ,this feels more like the Possible vs. Morning Musume ,just another group that can be built up and then one day when AKB48 ends their replacement is already established.

For all the talk about rivals, Nogizaka46 is starting to look like the cousins of AKB48.

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  1. The video doesn't work anymore, but there's something else I want to say. The song "Egao no Tensai" from Petite Princess Yucie has the same melody during the chorus that "Guru Guru Curtain" does! "Egao no Tensai": "Guru Guru Curtain":


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