Thursday, January 19, 2012

Himekyun Fruit Can: Two Singles Announced

This adorable fruit-based Indies idol group is set to release two singles, one (Their fourth) on March 28 and the other (Their fifth) on April 11, leaving for a two week gap between the two releases.

Their fourth single is titled "Koi ga Tomaranai", meaning "My Love Won't Stop", with the tracklist as follows:
1. Koi ga Tomaranai
2. Mikansei no Sweets (Means "Incomplete Sweets")
3. Lead Heart (Lead is pronounced with the long e, in this case.)

Their fifth single is titled "Koi no Binetsu", meaning "Love's Fever", with the tracklist as follows:
1. Koi no Binetsu
2. YEAH! Fuwari Hane Batake!! (Means "YEAH! Gently flapping my wings!!")
3. Try Again

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