Sunday, January 15, 2012


Tsuntube was a special look at one of the Tsuntube Music Festivals the groups on the show have and some ads for the café.
If you like seeing Independent idol groups then you`ll like this show .As for me I could spend all day with the Indie Idols across the country lots of good stuff going on in small venues across the Prefectures .

PS- Afilia Saga East is on the show


  1. someone mentioned Afilia Saga East??? :D finally this looks like the tsuntube i was aiming for... i liked the opening act, the tsundere girl and the MC in english :D know where i can watch more of this unit?... oh and i like OSU super idol unit too <3

  2. Shura -If I come across anymore I`ll post it. .They are someone I want to look into more.
    Oh by the way this festival look continues next week I believe with the groups that didn`t perform this episode, ASE, BiS, Apple Tale, AELL and more.


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