Thursday, January 12, 2012

Morning Musume Pyoko Pyoko Ultra! PV

The full video release of Morning Musume`s new single is out. It`s a cute throwback to a past time in Morning Musume history. The vocals are fairly balanced but Reina and Riho are going to be the centers in this new era and Sayu is playing a good size role.

Every one of the generations blend well; and you can`t help but to   smile while watching this video thinking about their future.

The song and PV has this Minimoni and old Morning Musume feel to it that brings back memories of a fun ,big sales time in Morning Musume`s history.

So what do you think everyone about the newest version of Morning Musume? I don`t know if I can take chickens every PV ,but I can live with Musume going a little more Minimoni or bringing back their past at times . After all for those of us who have experienced every day in the 13+ yrs history of the group, it was a time like no other for this franchise with a long running television variety show [7 yrs] and a lot of memories.
With Sayu soon to be leader, I think the fun is only just about to begin for this new younger Morning Musume.

As a side note as I said this has shades of old Morning Musume when they were perfecting the concept of large member groups like the team concept that AKB48 uses.

[If your fans of Risa and Aichan and are still new to Musume [say less than 5 yrs fans] you  may want to see the two in their early years.

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