Friday, May 11, 2012

PIH Live House #3 :Dorothy Little Happy

PIH Live House: Dorothy Little Happy

We simply cannot have a concert feature without Dorothy Little Happy.
As we start week two of live house group voting. What rank will you give this group and will they break into the top five and become regular coverage on PIH.

Same rules as last week give them 1-5 tickets when Candy posts the voting poll. This week`s five will battle last week`s five for the PIH Rankings Positions and regular coverage slots.
Will Alice Juban Hold on to this top spot for a second week?

7 song live w/Back Dancers and select songs live band

DLH loves to do these next songs at each live


  1. I am not sure the time Candy will add the poll to vote ,so watch it as much as you like and we will vote when it`s ready .

  2. poll is now open vote just like you did last time

  3. DLH is cool... 5 points because i can't give them more

  4. DLH are great,5 points from me too.

  5. i move the post back up ,to help readers find it.

  6. Saw one person gave DLH one ticket.I guess that's a mistake,thinking one means first.

    But then there may still be people who think Seremedy's YOHIO is actually a girl ^v^

    1. DLH as of now are 8 points short of beating Alice Juban for #1 group on Pure Idol Heart with 2 days left to vote.


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