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Dorothy Little Happy - Demo Sayonara Lyrics and Translation

I got my order from YesAsia for Dorothy Little Happy stuff about couple months ago and was wearing a weird grin on my face that whole day when the package arrived at my office. Got the Jump! single that comes with a mini photobook and the Demo Sayonara mini album. Synched it up with my iPod and DLH has been accompanying my drive to work almost everyday ever since.

The mini PB was a little sad actually, because Michiyo was still with DLH and in the Jump! single before she graduated later on, so to look at pictures of cute Michiyo in the PB but knowing she's not in the group anymore... yeah, it's a kinda sad. But fortunately, the rest of the girls are picking it up nicely. So I hope there is another PB in their next single.

Back on topic, Demo Sayonara mini album has two songs fit for school graduation ceremonies - Demo Sayonara (But Goodbye) and Wakare no Toki (When we part). Being able to make a good graduation song is very important because you will remember it forever. AKB48 for example have a few graduation songs under their belt , including the recent and successful "Sakura no ki ni narou".

Demo Sayonara PV is Avex-produced and true to the song, it is about confessing your feelings to someone you fancy in school.

Demo Sayonara PV



好きよ 好きよ 今まで会った誰よりずっと 
好きよ 好きよ デモサヨナラ

おめでとう ありがとう また会おうね 元気でね
今日で最後の制服が 花束に囲まれてる
友達とふざけてたら あなたと目があったんだ
ボタンの取れた制服が 青空に似合っていた


好きよ 好きよ 今まで会った誰よりずっと 
好きよ 好きよ あの日のまま
好きよ 好きよ ずっとあなたのそばにいたいけど
好きよ 好きよ デモサヨナラ

ききわけの良い子なんて 今は なれそうにないの
困った様なあなたの顔も やっぱり素敵だよ


目に見えないもの 手に触れないもの

ごめんね ごめんね 一人置き去りにされるようで
寂しい 寂しいの いつか私を迎えにきてね

好きよ 好きよ 今まで会った誰よりずっと 
好きよ 好きよ これからもずっと
好きよ 好きよ あきらめるわけにはいかないの
好きよ 好きよ 乗り越えてみせるから


Demo Sayonara

Sukiyo   sukiyo   ima made atta dare yori zutto
Sukiyo   sukiyo   demo sayonara

omedetou   arigatou   mata aou ne genki de ne
kyou de saigo no seifuku ga   hanataba ni kakomareteru
tomodachi to fuzaketetara   anata to me ga attanda
botan no toreta seifuku ga   aozora ni niatte ita

kono machi wo hanareru anata wa mujyaki ni
nando mo iu no "Hanarete ite mo daijyobu da yo"

Sukiyo   sukiyo   ima made atta dare yori zutto
Sukiyo   sukiyo   ano hi no mama
Sukiyo   sukiyo   zutto anata no soba ni itai kedo
Sukiyo   sukiyo   demo sayonara

kikiwake no ii ko nante   kyou wa   nare sou ni nai no
komatta youna anata no kao mo   yappari suteki da yo

futari betsu betsu no omoide ga fueteku
anata wa iu no "bokura wa kitto tsuyoku nareru yo"

me ni mienai mono   te ni furenai mono
anata wa shinjirareru no? (shinjiru yo)

Gomen ne   gomen ne   hitori okizari ni sareru you de
samishii   samishii no    itsuka watashi wo mukae ni kite ne

Sukiyo   sukiyo   ima made atta dare yori zutto
Sukiyo   sukiyo   kore kara zutto
Sukiyo   sukiyo   akirameru wake ni wa ikanai no
Sukiyo   sukiyo   norikoete miseru kara


But Goodbye...

I like you, I like you, more than anyone I have ever met
I like you, I like you, but good bye...

Congratulations. Thank you.
We'll meet again so take care
It's our last day wearing our uniform
and we're surrounded by flower bouquets
While we are having funs with our friends our eyes meet
Your button-removed uniform matches the blue skies well *[1]

Innocently, when you left the city
you repeatedly said "Even if we part, I'll be okay"

I like you, I like you, more than anyone I have ever met
I like you, I like you, just like that day
I like you, I like you, though I want to be with you
I like you, I like you, but goodbye...

Now there's no sign of you becoming a obedient good boy
The look on your face when you are troubled is somehow cool

Each of our memories have increased
You said "We will become stronger"

What your eyes cannot see and your hands cannot feel,
do you believe in it? (I believe)

I'm sorry, I'm sorry, it's like leaving someone behind
I'm lonely, I'm lonely, come back and pick me up someday okay?

I like you, I like you, more than anyone I have ever met
I like you, I like you, now and forever
I like you, I like you, there's no reason to give up
I like you, I like you, we'll get through this

*[1] During graduation, the boy student usually give away their second button from their uniform to the girl he is in love with, a form of love confession. Because the second button is the closest to the heart.


  1. Thanks for the lyrics and translation! The orders sound wonderful! Do you happen to have the Jump! and Miteite Angel lyrics, both kanji and romaji? Those are my two favourite songs from them, and it'd be wonderful to sing along with them!

  2. Indeed I do, but I don't have it with me now, will send it to you later.
    Or maybe I'll just create a separate post and publish it there. Stay tuned. :-)


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