Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Weekly Poll #1 Results

It's Monday again, which means it's time to view the results of the weekly poll!

The question was (Submitted by me): Which group has the most interesting PV's?


 Momoiro Clover Z is the winner for this poll, and won by a landslide with 54% (23 people) of the votes!! I honestly expected them to win because momoclo definitely has the most fun, unique, and original PV's out of any idol groups I've ever faced!

It's not surprising that Momoclo's sister group, Shiritsu Ebichu Chuugaku got second, receiving second place with 21% (9 people) of the votes. I also immensely adore Ebichu's PV's! Their so wacky and fun. The girls are all so silly, and don't care if they look ridiculous!

BiS took third place, receiving 16% (7 people) of the votes! BiS PV's to me are a combination of weird, and interesting. I just had to include them! This group is still fairly new, yet they still managed to beat SKE.

SKE48 came in last place with only 7% (3 people) of the votes. As a huge SKE fan, I find that out of all of the 48 groups, SKE's PV's are a little lot more fun and creative than the other groups, so I'm shocked.

In total, 42 people voted! I actually did not expect this much people to participate!
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Weekly poll #2 is up now, so vote!


  1. I'm glad EbiChu came in second! At least they weren't last! Um , I know I shouldn't care or anything, but am I supposed to get a mention in your post since I came up with this week's question?

    1. When I post the results next Monday, I will mention your blog! XD


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