Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Battle no jidai Announcement

The members of Battle no jidai ,the Chile based J-Pop cover group that reached out to Pure Idol Heart a few days ago , has asked if I could make this announcement for them as it is for immediate attention.

Battle no jidai this gathering money with monetary support through Ideame.com web page.
We want to have our 1st Cd digital to be able to spread our music to Latin America!
They are collective financing and we need the help of everyone, to meet this sueno.pueden deposit by all types of payment to Paypal!

In that we are going to invest your help?
At lease a study hall to record the voices, editing and mixing. Make designs for the covers of the Cds and give a new face to our website!
http://www.battlenojidai.com as well as in advertising and selling items in the events that we are witnessing.

We are going to achieve with your help?
A beautiful Cd Digital of Battle no Jidai with 10 themes of the Group of classical and new topics! Have a new official website to follow emerging as group representatives of the Jpop in Latinoamerica.muchas thank you, have everyone's help because this project not only is directed to Chile, but to all fans of the classics of Anime Music in his childhood, as well as to future generations!

We have one week to meet 10% of any amount! 105,00 USD ~ we hope their contributions, is very important.

For more on the CD Campaign

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