Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Fresh Faces: Shimon Chu, Idol Gang Magic, Nagaigoto, Apple Gakuen,

Fresh Faces: Shimon Chu, Idol Gang Magic, Nagaigoto, Apple Gakuen,

It`s time for another round of video profiles of fresh face independent idol units. If you have followed this site for any period of time ,then you know we place a lot of importance on the largest branch of the female idol genre division and that is the independents .There is 100`s of these units across Japan making a name for themselves.
In this video profile I have selected units that have become active this summer and are so new to the idol wars that if they were new cars, they still have that new car smell to them. These units still have much work ahead of them to become national idols, but are making their mark in their regional backyards.

Shimon Chu [しもんchu♪]


Idol Gang Magic

Made their debut this August ,no releases yet . or live video yet

Nagaigoto [Wishes]
Sister unit to Idol Gang Magic
Made their debut this summer


Apple Gakuen

This unit also has members who compete in professional wrestling and their producer is also a professional wrestler.

Apple Gakuen has these mini shows on their web site to get to know the members better.
Here is the first episode there as of this posting 10 more on the web site.

On their blog there is at times English posts or little bits of English


  1. I really like Nagaigoto!

    As always, thanks for sharing ♥

  2. Thanks for the kind words, if I was not so short staffed I would have 3xs the amount of indies then I do now on the site.

  3. Sadly, Idol Gang Magic has already disbanded...

  4. That`s a problem you find often with Indies ,many have a short life ,the members just move to other groups and start again.


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