Wednesday, November 23, 2011

SKE48, Michishige Sayumi ,Nogizaka46

SKE48, Michishige Sayumi ,Nogizaka46

SKE48 No Magical Radio
This was one of their better episodes ,Jurina throws an award winning tantrum .

SKE48のマジカル・ラジオ 111122 第7話 1 by tennis800v

SKE48のマジカル・ラジオ 111122 第7話 2 by tennis800v

Michishige Sayumi 10,000 yen challenge

Sayu is involved in a TV challenge  and she has to live on her own for one month on 10,000 yen which is around $130 .Oddly enough this episode turns into cooking time with Sayu .When Sayu leaves the idol world to start a family , I have a feeling mealtime with Sayu will be cute and who couldn`t  wait to come home to eat a “love love burger” .Sayu`s wake up face is cute as well.

Ah this show reminds me of the early years of a music career ,when you have to decide between eating and paying the rent and food wins ,lol.

Sayu`s Parts only

Full show .

In future episodes Morning Musume will pay a visit to Sayu


This week the members show their acting skills .

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