Sunday, November 13, 2011

Girls Rock Revolution #2 :MIXX Lolita Metal Princesses

Now the time for playing nice is over with, so to speak. Lol
When I wrote about BABY METAL, I bet that you thought that you saw everything right. Well if you have read this site long enough, then you know we are just beginning to scratch the surface of girl groups,idols and heavy metal. This band is not idols ,no they are princesses of Lolita metal.


MIXX is a Gothic Lolita Heavy Metal Band,  not only do these ladies look cool and hot at the same time, they just rock. This is not cute idols playing metal parity princesses, this is a full on girls playing assault of the metal and hard rock taste buds band.

Vocalist ASUKA went to High School in Canada and can speak fluent English, along with Russian and Spanish .She was given a spot in the 2009 Miss Universe Japan but decided to become a metal head.

Guitarist SAKI started to learn her guitarist skills in the 8th grade and like all of us who have become heavy metal musicians, she got the bug when she saw a heavy metal band on TV and it consumed her life. She is the group’s chief songwriter and plays a big part in the production of the group’s releases. Saki is also well versed in Chinese

Drummer HIKONE JACKSON or JACKSON as she is normally called is the baby member in age, joining the band while still in high school .A speaker of Korean; JACKSON is the heartbeat of the band and provides the band their charismatic touches and powerful driving force to fuel their songs.

Miss GASMASKO is the bands support bass player, and wears a gas mask to keep their identity a secret.

MIXX is a heavy metal garage band success story .Two members create a friendship at a heavy metal concert ,decide to start a band ,bring in a drummer and within four months start releasing singles and a year later have set their eyes to embrace the world.

Heavy Metal is my main work genre away from this blog, so for me MIXX, is a goldmine of love, with the Lolita looks and high spirited music. It`s a win-win if you can accept a Lolita themed power metal act,complete with a bass player in a gas mask and a drummer who drives around on a toy car .

It may not be what "purists" define as "true Metal" and that maybe true as they are bit more hard rock at times ,it`s all good in the end.

If your drummer rides into the PV on a toy car and your support Bass player is wearing a gas mask, you deserve to be on this site ,purists be ####

I mentioned that the singer is fluent in English .The guitar intro is so cool

 For everyone who has asked in mail or otherwise about the relationship between MIXX and BABYMETAL, the term Lolita in the post title.

There is no relationship between them outside of costumes .  The title of the post was selected by the members of MIXX.  That was what they wanted to be referred to at the time of the post was first made.

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