Monday, November 28, 2011

Bimyo, Tsuntube, HELLOPRO TIME!

Bimyo, Tsuntube, HELLOPRO TIME!

As asked by the readers of the site here are the recent episodes of AKB48 Bimyo ,Tsunku`s Indie Idol show Tsuntube [this was a very uninteresting episode] and I added a link to subbed H!P HELLOPRO TIME! Episodes

Here is the first skit subbed it`s a different take on the Senbatsu elections


Even I found this week`s episode dull.

As PIH has a lot of H!P fans , I wanted to find you something special. There is a group that subs the HELLOPRO TIME! Shows .I am including a link to the site ,they are around one episode I believe behind the broadcast schedule.
However even saying that this link will keep H!P fans viewing the show fan subbed archives for hours.

Almost every idol group large and small ,regional Indie or national has a television show of some kind .It is very difficult with my music schedule and that of one of my daughters to watch, record or give you every show or appearance that a group makes.

It is my hope that I can add more writers to the site .Writers who focus on one group or agency ,which can bring the readers some of the little things that my time may not allow me to focus on.

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