Saturday, November 12, 2011

IchidAIDORU #1

IchidAIDORU #1

IchidAIDORU is an idea created from the minds of Pure Idol Heart and our partner site Idolyrics. There is a great backstory on idolyrics explaining the birth of this idea, so I don`t want to take away a lot from what she has done to set this up, so I will be brief.

For some time I have had discussions with Meika of Idolyrics about joining Pure Idol Heart as a writer ,because in my private life both myself and one of my daughters is involved in music and our schedules for the coming year will see us both traveling a lot ,so I wanted someone to help out with Pure Idol Heart.

I also wanted a female view on the genre for Pure Idol Heart, from someone who wasn`t in the music industry, but appreciated idol genre and music just the same. I wanted a voice of the fans for the fans so to speak.

From this has become IchidAIDORU.

In the first volume of IchidAIDORU, Meika presents the idol group Himekyun Fruit Can, if you do not know who this group is; I have left a preview video to wet your taste buds for what Meika has to offer.

Now here is how you the readers of Pure Idol Heart can help , Pure Idol Heart ,Idolyrics and IchidAIDORU ,please follow these links to Meika`s site and volume one of IchidAIDORU. Leave her a few kind words of encouragement as she shifts from lyric translations to idol columnist and on my site, let me know if you like to see Meika join Pure Idol Heart in some type of way.

Pure Idol Heart and Idolyrics would like to welcome you to IchidAIDORU; we hope that you will like what is presented as time goes on.

Himekyun Fruit Can Video Tease

For the rest of Himekyun Fruit Can and IchidAIDORU #1 ,please visit our partner site

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  1. Hahaha, oh wow, thanks for this! You are really too kind with me! X3333 But even though I'm writing this series, I'm still not giving up lyrics! :P I need them for myself, as well! XD


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