Monday, November 7, 2011

SKE48 New Single PVs

SKE48 New Single PVs

SKE48 has released all three videos that comes with their new single “Okie Dokie”

“Okie Dokie” features a little bit of everything, cheerleaders, simulated rain and nonstop action .The outfits and PV are bright and colorful and projections for this single is to be their biggest seller yet. Which is good news for a group that has officially transferred to AKS management, the company that oversees AKB48.

SKE48 7th オキドキ PV by shinsaway

PV two is for is for the coupling track “Bazooka-hou Hassha!”
The start of this PV is right out of a wotas mind with the members being dolls in a game. They then come alive in a mix of costume styles and cutaway segments.

SKE48 バズーカ砲発射!(白組) by shinsaway

The last PV is for the coupling track “Hohoemi no Positive Thinking”
This is a simple PV with the girls in creek bed in a forest [This shot indoors by the way on a sound stage]

SKE48 微笑みのポジティブシンキング by shinsaway

All three are great videos with different modern, fresh song styles, costumes and settings show the time, money and dedication involved to create a great set of promotional videos.

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