Thursday, November 17, 2011

SCANDAL: Before They Became Famous + More Bands

SCANDAL: Before They Became Famous + More Bands

Unless you’re lucky and have a company to support you ,your band starts out playing in less than great situations ,from a handful of people in a club to street lives.

SCANDAL`s rise to success has sparked a number of SCANDAL inspired all girl bands , complete with school uniforms down to set lists of SCANDAL songs with a few originals thrown in. These bands who have taken inspiration from SCANDAL and others who have taken their own road are like a of a number of groups out there cutting their teeth at lives looking to be the next band to become famous as SCANDAL.

While SCANDAL may seem like they just woke up one day and were famous, that simply was not the case, they cut their teeth in street lives and small venues just like the the bands that came before and after them.

I am not sure how long this will stay up, but here is a rare look at SCANDAL before they became famous.

While it is fun to look back at SCANDAL in their early days, we must always remember that from these humble beginnings of hard work and tears grew into  a band that is selling out venues across Japan and Asia.

Music is a world of dreams and with hard work and a little luck and right timing, those dreams can easily become the stories of legends and icons.

As SCANDAL continues to rise up to greater heights, securing fame and fortune for themselves, their success is paving the road for new bands to come up. Who knows in a years’ time, we maybe revisiting this topic and these bands just maybe alongside SCANDAL.


FLAP [right now they are more of a SCANDAL cover band ,unlike the others in this post]


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