Tuesday, November 15, 2011

BiS Goes Primal

BiS Goes Primal

BiS has a brand new PV for the song Primal. , and honestly I don`t even know how to begin to describe this to you. I will try my best to describe it as best as possible.

The PV starts out with a family and a baby feeding from mom .Then we have this graphic close up of a bloody wound [which is fake as you will see but nicely done] and this drifts off into camera shots of deep down the members throats ,various member shots ,including bruised faces , smoking ,vomiting ,baby flash backs and IR [inferred camera] shots and ends with momma and baby taking a photo.

I am not ready to say yet if I like or dislike the video, because honestly I don`t know yet . It`s different and I accept BiS and all their strangeness and this is by far the most unidol like idol video out today .And you know what, that`s just the way they want it and what makes this group so unique an unidol like, that frankly I can`t get enough of them as you never know what they will do next.

Because I do not know if all readers will be able to view this, I have just posted the link to it from BiS YouTube and not an embed version.

Youtube thinks all of you going to the link to the video at BiS channel instead of watching the embed here is a sam bot or something ,It`s causing trouble.

so here is the embed version

They have redone their HP

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