Sunday, November 20, 2011

Bimyo & Tsuntube

Bimyo & Tsuntube [Updated ]

Sorry for the delay in posting these shows for everyone that was expecting them.

In Tsuntube it`s the same as always more Indie idols making the dear leader smile and stickers are handed out .The dances are not as fun to me as last weeks with Afilia Saga East and BiS.

A new week and new skits .This week for me was hit and miss .For example the first skit I believe went to long ,despite the fact that Maeda Ami Is just the cutest thing going . She became my #2 after the drama, Yuki still holds number 1, but Ami is closing the gap in my fandom. This is why it pays to have more idol loves in more than one group, you can spread your support around from the 48`s to H!P to the fresh units to Indies.
Hopefully your favorites did well this week.

There is a YouTube user who subs from time to time a skit from the show .Here is a subbed skit from this episode

Alternate AKB48 Show Link  [UPDATE]

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