Sunday, November 20, 2011

Mary Angel & Csli @ Edison Studio

Mary Angel & Csli @ Edison Studio

On  November 19th The idol units Mary Angel and Csli held a joint live Ustream. It`s been a while since I caught up with Mary Angel and in that time they have gone from a three women unit to a duo .

Csli is a  unit that does mostly cover songs from the 48`s , H!P units and Kara`s Japanese version of Mister . They are a new  and talented Kansai unit who has one single out
60 minute broadcast

Mary Angel also has an Ustream Channel

Their next broadcast is the 21st I believe .They also have stuff on archive

I really liked the three member version of Mary Angel so here they are from a July event @ Edison Studio
[there is 6 minutes of nothing before they come on

Mary Angel


Debut Single

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