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Girls Rock Revolution #1 :Pop Chocolat ,SUPER BABY FACE

Girls Rock Revolution #1
Forgive the long lead in ,but it is a needed onetime thing

This is something that I had originally planned to do on PIH sister rock site ,however time has not allowed me to develop the site yet and as we from time to time have covered rock topics on PIH an in my push to give this site more diversity ,I am putting this out on PIH.

Girls Rock Revolution is the alternative to the fresh faces idol topic. Girls Rock Revolution is a look at the women of Japanese rock, many will be underground, many will underground but have some international travels under their belt and others will be majors.

To qualify for Girls Rock Revolution the band has to fall under the following categories

1.I like them and just want to write about them
2.They have all female members
3.They are a male band with a female singer
4. They are soloists who play rock music, and her backing band can be any combination. [I.E. The band is named after her]
5.They can be an Idol based Bandol [Idol Band] or have nothing to do with idols at all.
6.There is no experience limit to these bands, they can be longtime groups or fresh out of the studio or garage.

In  Girls Rock Revolution, there is a chance that you may not have heard of any of these bands that I will cover, but that is ok, if you are of an open mind and willing to give the bands a chance, you just may find something you like.

Pop Chocolat

Is an all-girl alternative band originally from Kyoto, who has been active since 2000 and has experience touring the United States and other nations. They are a respected band yet in some ways enjoy life in the shadows .There is a lot of freedom in the shadows, so one should not view that as being a bad thing.

It was not until 2005 before they released their debut album "NIJIIRO FALSETTO”, the success of the album pushed the band to move to Tokyo, in 2007 they lost their original vocalist AIKA. However the band would not let this do them in and the band would continue on and add the final part of the puzzle SHIHO in 2010 to be their Keyboardist.

Currently the band is made up of following members Guitarist/songwriter MIHO, Drummer/songwriter NATSUKO, Keyboardist SHIHO and Bassist MICHIKO. All members provide vocals for their songs

Their current album “Trip” was produced by Sawao Yamanaka vocalist/ guitarist from the rock band The Pillows.

Pop Chocolat songs tend to be hit or miss with me, sometimes they click with me instantly, and sometimes I have to give them a second or third listen. 80% of their music catalog clicks with me on first listen, the other 20% I tend to wonder how much did they drink when writing the music ,lol, but after another spin of the song it starts to fall in place. Pop Chocolat is a band that is an acquired taste and the greatness of this band may not hit you at first listen.


Is an all-girls band that’s been around the Tokyo scene for a number of years and are self-described as “Chicks Rock” and is a fixture in the Independent scene. SUPER BABY FACE is made up of the following members.

Vocal: WAKA
Guitar: MEGURI
Drums: AYA

SUPER BABY FACE was a band that clicked with me ,the first time that I was introduced to them and I really can`t find a bad thing about them ,except they may not get the recognition that they may deserve.

Because this post has a lot in it to read I am breaking the opening edition into genre`s .In the first post I gave you a more alternative peak, next we hit the WOMEN OF HEAVY METAL/ HARD ROCK .

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