Friday, January 28, 2011

Morning Musume Official Photo/9gen Bijo Gaku

Morning Musume Official Photo/9gen Bijo Gaku

The future is now, the official 9 member Morning Musume photo is out by H!P . Is it me or does this picture need more smiles ? Idols make you smile ,more smiles ,lol.

Official Photo

I am not sure how many of you collect photos .Signature photos are something that collector's desire. Here are the 9th gen signatures

9th gen on Bijo Gaku


  1. your right about the smiles, also the whole top row is kinda out of place with the rest of the group XD Thanks for the update!

  2. it looked like mittsi ignored
    i guess i like mitssi..
    but im still not used to see her in momusu... =S
    and im already used to see the 9th gen :/
    idk :/

    i think sayu is the less scary senpai of all members
    she really should be the sub.... :p xD
    eri was cute when she was laughing with sayu
    shes really not that shy as she looks like

    mizuki seems to be pretty quiet though :o

    the pic looks alright..
    the 9th gen fits momusu..
    the top row indeed look a bit stern..

    sayu looks really mature... love her black hair :)

  3. yeo more smiles were needed!!! but there very getting to know each other. so hopefullu for their single they'll have smiles.

  4. Yea it really seems like mitsui ignored them... I didn't like that.

  5. mitsui prob. doesn't like that she'll no longer be the baby or youngest in the group! mizuki looked sad when aika just passed by them. that made me angry. I never liked mitsui from the start don't know why, but in the pic she looks older than Ai!!! wow.

  6. I remember in the fourth generation auditions, the old members were kind of intimidating with the new ones. Way worse than what Aika did there.

    ^Mizuki's expression is heartbreaking.

  7. @twinheart and lebird..

    lol was thinking exactly the same...
    thouh i didnt dare to say it...
    but yea never really liked aika... xD

    i tried to express it subtle xD with.. im not used to see her in MM xD... while with the 9th gen i am already used to.. xD

  8. @lebird and road
    yeah mitsi doesn't stand out much but now that tsunku might put her in the center for eri's lines maybe she"ll stand out more.
    and yes mizuki's expression made me feel sad aswell. well see how it goes but Saho would have made the roup more epic!!!!! XD

  9. why is it.. each time when i read a comment bout saho should join momusu

    i LOL XD its so funny xD

    i wanted kikka to be in momusu ... xD but well 2 bad xD shes already going solo haha

    btw xD LOL i kinda dun want mittsi to sing eri's lines :/ lol

  10. Like all of you said, Aika ignoring the girls seemed rude to me.... It's like they weren't there...=\

    I'd like to think this will pass once they're all familiar with each other. On a happier note, I really do like Kanon's smile, one can't help but smile too, hahaha~

    I don't know if any of you noticed, but Mizuki's a leftie! I dunno, I have a thing for people who write with their left hands.... I get a bit hyper...= =" Call me weird, haha.

  11. @Road hehehehe, oh and thats what some people said that its between sayumo or aika to get eri's lines but im hoping for mizuki!!!
    @ Chanting did not see that she was a lefty good observation their. and yes kanon has a great smile and her personality shines aswell!:)

  12. @twinheart
    but sayu cant sing >_< !!!! XD LOOOL

    mittsi has always acted superior towards other people then momusu...
    also to C-ute and berryz... eventhough theyre mittsi's senpais....

  13. I say we all go back to not bashing other idols.
    It's one of the reasons I don't like discussion forums.
    Let's post nothing but good and encouraging comments.
    Aika, I love you.

    (><) bleh

  14. @Road I know sayu can't sing, and Aika is too much of a diva!! but if mizuki was added it would balance out well.
    @Lebird HAHAHAHA! the bleh part was epic but im not hating on her im stating facts.

  15. haha mizuki.. idk how mizuki sounds actually...
    from what ive heard...
    i think riho would fit doing eri's lines as well...

    riho is really good :o im really amazed by her..

    but i now like kanon most... :D personallity...
    she needs more practise..

  16. If it counts, I am left handed.

  17. No they are not facts, they're opinions.

  18. Every idol has things they are good at and weak at. Remember the harmony that we have created here and find a point to agree on when disagreements come up.

  19. @ gaki
    lol what ????

    anyways.. aika... though i dun really like her..
    shes in momusu... and everybody seem to like her..

    so.. theres nothing for me to do then to support her as well :)

  20. @Lebird yep. sorry they are opinions.:)
    @Gaki yeah aika stands out now and although her character is too strong for me I think she adds to momusu really well. I don't hate Aika but there are times when she gets on my nerves so does sayumi, and even at times reina! XP
    But no matter what I will SUPPORT MOMUSU!!!

  21. @Twinheart2 sorry too. It's just that I like Michishige.

  22. Road, just thinking out loud .lol
    Twin-lebird, lol. If idols didn`t touch a nerve good or bad at times, they would not be idols.
    Mitsui is in a hard spot she is no longer the baby member and 9th gen are getting a lot more popular then she did in only days after joining . People use terms like rebirth of Musume for the 9th gen. Mitsui didn`t get those comments.

    The other members look what all they have seen since they were 12 yrs old entering the group.Change may not trouble them that much as they know their place in the group.

  23. @gaki yeah now I feel bad for aika but I think there wasn't enough media on the 8th generation and since its been a while for the next generation aika prob needs to adjust now as 4 years being the youngest which is hard I should know It took me a year to get used too my little sister when I was 7. yeah I was an only child and then bang I had a little one to watch over so yeah. Aika im rooting for you now to be an awsome senpai to the cookies.

  24. 9th gen is gaining a lot of attention :o
    even sayu blogs A LOT bout the 9th gen...


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