Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The Eguchi Aimi Saga Continues Is She Real After All?

The Eguchi Aimi Saga Continues Is She Real After All?

Well ,well ,well , is she real or is she not ? That my friends depend on whom you believe. First, the media asked the real camp- Glico if she was real  ,and the answer was  "Sorry we can’t comment”. AKS the management company for AKB48 has gone as far as  saying, “She’s real! She didn’t take the 12th generation auditions, so we had to quickly accept her (into generation 12.5)”. An entire bio has also been created on her  and some cover story of her being first accepted into NMB48.

Now the fake camp . What happens when you let idols blog , well they talk .
Kikuchi Ayaka  before management discovered it and deleted the post wrote Eguchi Aimi-san is cute . She’s just too pretty! Lol lol lol she is in the 12.5 generation~ I also did a shoot! I wonder when a part of my face will be used (hehe)”

Oshima Yuko , may have let it slip as far back as February ,when she posted a photo with dots on her face and the words “The shoot has finished. It took a long time, but I was by myself so I was able to stay nonchalant. In addition, in the end I turned out looking like this.

Looks like AKS and Glico ,has more miles they want to milk out of their new creation . Is she real as they claim or is she CGI as the members of AKB48 claim?

The real answer we already know , but the marketing of the controversy will guarantee that AKB48 will get maximum media coverage when Hello!Project is preparing for the release of Morning Musume`s single . A bit of chance or back room strategy by the idol, super power?



  1. there is no way she is real. in that cm in that second video, the members we know and others love are natural and their whole face moves, her's is stiff, and when the girls are moving their bodies, she's way too stiff. Definately not real.

  2. if she is real then i feel sorry for the 263586$%/&"# millions of girls in the group that never got a chance... actually i feel the same but worse because she isn't real

  3. why would they want to make a fake cgi girl anyways? Very odd

  4. One simple answer , publicity .Creating a controversy will always get a group in the media ,be it good or bad controversy.

  5. I just think it was a promotion for Glico then fans blew it all outta proportion and management ran away with it. Either way it doesn't matter 2 me this is awesome lol. Can't wait 2 find out da truth.

  6. There will be more on this story from their camp on June 20th .

  7. Is this really necessary?
    It bothers me how they want all of the media to cover them while morning musume is releasing their next single. I mean, AKB is already on top. I could understand If Momosu was selling 1 million copies per single, but their not. Its like they think momosu is suddenly going to outsell them (which really isn't happening anytime soon) so they have to do this.
    It reminds me of a sports team rubbing their fame and victory in the faces of the lesser, losing team.

  8. I would like to see morning musume cgi...miki fujimoto, takahashi, risa...\WOOOOOOOooooooo/ can be great too...

    in deep it`s cool, but not new...
    is very easy to see that this girl is totaly fake..., if you know the members of can fell what they did, they mixed the some girls, and used, some pictures with photoshop and we have this,
    can be nice for some seconds,some moments, make what we do!!!...and it`s done..
    I want to say, will be boring with one my opinion...I like AKB48 a lot, but for more music,
    diferent than many fan, that like pictures, pvs, and other things,,,she can`t sing so`s not my sake...


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