Monday, February 27, 2012

#2 Doll☆Elements

As mentioned before, Doll☆Elements is a group directly related to Lovely★DOLL (Or 愛乙女★DOLL), as they are a unit made up of third generation research students to the main group. They made their debut performing songs such as "GO!!MY WISH!" and "LOVE&PEACE", which are originally Lovely★DOLL's songs.

The members are, in order of the picture from left to right:
Tamechika Anna (為近あんな) aka Tamechan - Born October 29, 1992
Gonda Natsumi (権田夏海) aka Gonchan - Born June 13, 1991
Tonosaki Rika (外崎梨香) aka Rikapyon - Born April 22, 1992
Ayamori Aoi (綾森あおい) aka Aoidon, Donchan - Born August 13, 1993
Kojima Runa (小島瑠那) aka Runaruna, Runapon - Born October 31, 1994

This video was shown before, but there's only a few videos of this unit, unfortunately.

Official Site Profile
Official Blog


  1. Are they planning to do any songs, or they are just covering Lovely Dol songs?

  2. @Anonymous: So far, I'm pretty sure that they're only covering LD's songs for now, which is unfortunate.


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