Monday, April 30, 2012

PIH Live House Vol 2: SCK Girls

I was actually going to wait 5 days before posting a new live house, however I wanted our rankings polls to have a top ten and right now we only have 4 groups, so this will make 5 and we will start with a top 5 rankings and see if the next 5 can knock one of these first 5 out of the rankings.

I am very pleased to be able to bring you SCK Girls, because they are from Kesennuma, Miyagi and they were created after the Earthquake.
Just the fact that they are able to perform is a victory as this is what happened to their city.

So even if they don`t score well, just the fact they are here to perform makes them winners.

SCK originally was SCK45 but now the girls just use the name SCK Girls .Unlike other groups who strive for national fame SCK current goals are to support the rebirth of Kesennuma by bringing spirit ,hope, brightness and purpose to the region through the power of idol energy and recovery volunteering.

The groups rules are simple , be from the city or district region, do well in school and to always be cheerful in greeting anyone.

SCK does live house performances, volunteering for recovery clean up support, entertaining at childcare, displaced citizen shelters, and elderly homes and various TV/Radio work.

When the poll opens please use the same 1-5 vote system .If you feel moved to vote before the poll is made or simply want to comment, please do so.

By the way their mid-point MC is funny and they have a 1,000 yen CD called ReGeneration

So please enjoy SCK Girls as they show everyone that “We are still standing”.

Special edit - one other note that I left out ,the members all suffered losses in the Earthquake


  1. I'll have to check out this group when I have a bit more time. ORI Hime is another idol group based in Sendai that is trying to raise money through concerts and doing volunteer work to help the elderly and homeless. They will be releasing a CD and DVD in June, I believe.

  2. They will be a part of this as well, along with a few more post quake groups . Around October last year there was a rush of Quake area idol groups start ups .

  3. oh one thing that I left out the 45 is not for member numbers like AKB it`s a highway that has importance to them.

  4. Okay, my slow computer took six hours to load the HD version of the live (must load LQ version next time!), and it took a half hour to watch. My first comment is....that little Rikako sure is a cutie! LOL I like the group in general, and their songs too. They are a bit rusty live, since they don't seem to know what they are doing. I see a lot of almost tripping over cords and looking at each other to see what they are supposed to do next. I wish the back dancers had stepped forward so I could see them better when they introduced themselves. I won't vote since I haven't seen the other groups yet. But with a bit more practice SCK Girls might be a group worth following. Does "SCK" stand for something? I've wondered about this with ORI Hime too (does "ORI" stand for something?).

  5. Where I can find the first single of SCK GIRLS for download?
    Thank you!


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