Friday, January 21, 2011

Fight Idol Fight

Fight Idol Fight
What Happens, when the producer of Hello! Project Tsunku has a lot of free time on his hands. He creates this newest Idol craze. Actually, this idea mixes professional women’s wrestling called Joshi Puroresu and Idols.

So how does this brainchild of Tsunku affect Idols? see for yourself.

Who said a game of musical chairs is not violent

What happens when you put a idol in the ring with a professional wrestler ?

Much more to see below.

They say that all great men in history have either the mind of a mad man or genius, I am not sure which one this falls under, I just know that you will hit replay more then once. Lol

To see this madness or work of a genius in all it`s wonderful glory just go here and enjoy  all the  videos that feature, professional wrestlers and every possible type of idol you can think of.
In fact, I strongly suggest that everyone go to this link and watch this stuff to get a better understanding of the mind of Tsunku.

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  1. didnt watch the vids
    but is this with his nice girl project

  2. Yeah NGP, Afilia and others, also some non pop idols

  3. this is the second killercon and is totally madness!!! lol is so much win to watch that i actually wonder if there is a DVD release somwhere... oh and BTW afilia saga battle against canary club was fun (too bad they lost in jan ken pyon)

  4. you know the name of the song for the musical chairs?

  5. this is kinda cool, but weird XD But hay if it pays the bills, why not?


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