Monday, April 16, 2012

BiS Joins Avex And Add Members

Well will wonders ever end with this bunch, BiS is at it again, and at it I mean playing around with the minds of fans. This time the girls have added two members and signed with Avex.

Avex representatives said that after seeing them perform live and the crowd response it was impossible not to want this group under contract .The question now remains is how flexible will they be or will this be the end of BiS as we know it. To celebrate their new venture the girls wore Avex labeled costumes at their recent live and commented that they found them while helping themselves to the Avex warehouse.

As to joining Avex leader Pour Lui thanked the fans for helping a group who aren’t cute, can’t sing, can’t dance, and lack inspiration reach a major label debut. Lui went on to cry and say that up to now every announcement has been about members leaving and not about pleasant announcements. They will make their major debut this summer

The second piece of news is that BiS has added two new members
They are Michibayashi Rio

and Wakisaka Yurika.

Updated HP with new members blogs

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