Saturday, April 28, 2012

PIH Live House /Open Air Debut Vol #1

Welcome to the debut of Pure Idol Heart`s video live house .We have four groups for you today Three on our outdoor stage and one on our indoor stage.

Our open air theater debut will feature three groups

A group from here in Chiba known as C-Zone .C-Zone has been active since 2004 and have performed in Asia, Europe and America. They have had local TV and radio shows ,while remaining very much underground . C-Zone changes members often and in fact the girl in the orange skirt and the one in white pants are as of this month are now in the Chiba based group Verge. While they are very active there is little concert footage of them as they tend to not allow video in their lives of any kind.
Following them is QunQun ,be sure to not pull away from this live as wotas will get involved as back dancers ,much to the surprise of QunQun.
The outdoor live will end with Alice Juban who at the end will run off stage and into the wotas and perform with them as backup dancers in a wild night live complete with ending stage dives.
Our indoor live will feature NEP She☆Stars performing a spirited and entertaining live complete with costume changes and excited and vocal wotas.

Please see this post to get the voting points that you will grade each group on in your voting

Open Air Stage

Verge [the girls in white pants and orange skirt new group]


[Just a note this is not the full group line up ,just 1/2 of it .They do split units like AKB]

Alice Juban

Indoor Stage
NEP She☆Stars

[This group is like a mini H!P in one group]

[Threw this song in from a different live ]


  1. Alice Juban 5 stars (i give them more if i can)

    QunQun 4 stars (no ttheir best formation but nice)

    NEP 3 stars (not sure if follow)

    C-zone 3 stars (nice songs, still new to me)

    am i doing this right? ... just one comment, alice juban show must be one of the best lives in obscure idols world

    1. don't forget to fill out the poll on the side so your votes will be counted!

  2. Just a little note some small live houses have bad sound quality ,so keep that in mind as we move forward with this as it can make a good group sound bad .

    We will select lives for groups on a number of type stages to show all sides of them .Small indoor stage to large indoor stage to open air.

  3. These are my votes!

    NEP She☆Stars-5 tickets. They're so energetic, they have great fashion, and their song were catchy!

    Alice Junban-4 tickets. They're live are always awesome!

    C-Zone-3 tickets. I liked their clothes!

    QunQun-2 tickets. They were okay.

  4. About QunQun that is not their main girls in that show , their top unit will be on here at a different time .They have 12 members and often go split units


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