Tuesday, April 24, 2012

When Is a Mini Too Mini?

When Is A Mini Too Mini?

When you’re a part of OS☆U

It also seems that costumes hold secrets [watch the girl on the right]

OS☆U stands for Osu Super Idol Unit and they are a unit that started in 2010 in Nagoya, with their home base being the Tokai District and the largest shopping center in the district, which features a 24 hour Idol store.

OS☆U is made up of girls who call this district their playground and race queens [the girls you see at race tracks next to the cars and so on doing sponsor promotions] and originally made all their costumes and dance routines as well as every aspect of their live show was created by the girls.

They have since become better organized and making a regional name for themselves working under two teams Pop Star and Smile Star.
This is a real good group that has a good thing going for them in Nagoya.

When playing around at their YouTube page you can find a number of things, such as the clip above and these below

The group doing an audition skit

Concert footage and more at their YouTube page

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