Friday, April 27, 2012

New Feature :PIH Live House ,Open Air Theater

We have made no secret that one of the goals of Pure Idol Heart is to bring new and lesser known idol groups to overseas fans and help them gain a better following.

For me a CD or a PV is nice ,but the measure of a band or idol group is their live show. A good live show will often draw me into a band even if I am on the fence with their CD.

As it is difficult for readers to come to Japan to see these Indie Idol groups , we have created the next best option a video live house.

The staff of Pure Idol Heart have created a new feature in which we will run a video live house [concert hall] and open air concert theater.

In these posts we will offer a wide range of events and you the readers will have 5 days for each post to score the groups 1 to 5 in points on how each group entertained you that evening. Groups that score high will get return bookings and have regular features and updates on Pure Idol Heart ,Groups that score low , will have less bookings and coverage.

The success or failure of every group in our live house will rest in your hands completely .This is not something were you show up and watch 30 seconds of the first group ,then vote and leave .Votes are tickets ,so we ask that you open your heart and watch completely what we have taken the time to schedule that day and then ,when we open the voting , vote based on that show and who you`d like to get to know better and help them draw a good ticket count.

Your votes will help shape the way we as a staff schedule these events ,your votes will be a key part in our decision making process .

So please look forward to this new feature to debut in the coming days as over 50 independent or small regional majors’ idol groups /soloists [not the big name main groups at the top of Oricon] have already been selected to open this new feature.


  1. This is awesome! I'm still getting familiar with indie idols, I think this is a great idea! I'll be looking forward it~

  2. This is something that I am excited at the possibilities , these groups are very free spirited groups , and will do things with their wotas that the heavily managed big names will not.

    At a recent outdoor night live Alice Juban ran off the stage into a field and performed with wotas ,many who became back dancers ,they ended the show by stage diving into the arms of their fans.

    There is a lot to love from these groups if people give them a fair chance .

    Often the lives start slow but by the end your saying ,that was so fun.


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