Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Tokyo Girls' Style [Tsuioku]

Tokyo Girls' Style uploaded the full PV of their 10th single, Tsuioku.

As I said before, the PV is flawless, and beautiful; and it seems their fan base is also extending because
I saw a comment in Russian, and even one on Korean too.
Let's hope that this is the girl's highest selling single to date!


  1. Wow, Yuri and Mei sing a bit! That's great since I like those two girls the most. Yes, Ayano and Hi-chan are the main singers, and always will be, but I always seem to root for the ones that aren't so popular. :D Nice song. I didn't expect it to be so long, though, and this seems to be the edit.

  2. ^Yuri is my favorite member! It pains me to see her barley get any singing parts when Ayano and Hitomi get all of the attention! But in this PV, everyone got a line. I also tend to root for the underdogs~


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