Thursday, April 26, 2012

New feature #1: Weekly Poll

 To make PIH more fun and interesting, I've decided to add some new features.
The first new feature is the addition of a weekly poll. This is how the weekly poll will work.

The poll is always located at the top of the page to the right.

I'll post a poll question sometime on Monday and the poll will close on Sunday. I'll post the results of the poll on Monday again, along with a brand new poll. I can't think of all of the questions by myself. So...

You have the option of submitting your own poll question! 

You can submit as many poll questions as you want, just as long as their idol or Jpop related

Directions for submit your own poll question are located here: Weekly Poll Page You can access this page by clicking the tab at the top of the page titled weekly polls.

The poll page will also have this information if you forget, and previous weekly polls will be posted here. We will credit you If your question is picked. (I pick random questions)  If you have an idol/jpop blog or website, we will link your name with that and promote your blog!

Again, you can submit as many poll question as you want and anytime you want

I'm trying to get the readers active and make PIH more fun, so don't be shy! In fact, go over to there right now and write a question! If you guys don't submit, I'll have to write all of the questions myself and that will make me very sad!

The poll is up now, so please vote!

*More new feature posts coming soon*


  1. I like polls, even if the answers I give usually aren't the ones that get the most votes. I guess you could ask, "How many J-Pop or idol CDs do you buy every month?" Then have options like "None", "Only one", "Less than 5", "6 or more", etc. I think an interesting question might be "Which new groups are you listening to?" Of course, I'm sure the groups I like will get few votes. Here's my new blog address, for those who don't know:

  2. ^That is a really good question for the next poll question! Thank you~


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