Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Idoling!!! get's their own YouTube channel!

Along with the addition of their 5th generation members, Idoling!!! Has recently created their own YouTube channel! Here, you can view previous singles, watch some of their live shows, and view misc video's featuring the members!

Idoling!!! Official YouTube 

This is a bold and unexpected move from Idoling!!! since they can seem pretty isolated sometimes. I never expected them to open a YouTube channel.

I think this is a wonderful move though!
One of Morning Musume's singles was featured on the American YouTube page, and AKB48's singles receive a lot of views. Idoling!!! has been active for a long time, yet they don't seem to be getting any more popularI guess It's not a bad thing, as long as their still activebut I think getting a YouTube channel and being active on it will help them tremendously.
A lot of kpop groups have their own channels too, and they accumulate a ton of views from people all over the world. Hopefully, they can be very active on their channel like Fairies.

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