Saturday, April 28, 2012

PIH Live House /Open Air Debut Schedule and Voting

The debut of Pure Idol Heart`s video live house ,will have four groups ,three will be performing on the outdoor stage called PIH Open Air ,while one will be performing on our indoor stage called Live house Pure Heart.

Our open air theater debut will feature three groups ,
 One of our local idols here in Chiba C-Zone who have been active since 2004 with a number of singles ,other works, a Chiba TV and radio show and concerts across Asia, and stops in Europe and Los Angeles proving that you can be underground and international at the same time .

Following them will be Fukuoka`s QunQun

Last will be Alice Juban.

Closing out the program will be NEP She☆Stars performing a spirited and entertaining indoor live complete with costume changes and excited and vocal wotas.

As I mentioned in the earlier post ,your votes are key to this project as the votes earn the groups coverage tickets to be on Pure Idol Heart .
Each live post will have 5 days of votes and the vote’s equal tickets.

For each concert you will vote the groups the following tickets .

Based on how impressed/entertained you was by the group and concert you will give the groups one of the following rankings:

 1 ticket ,2 tickets , 3 tickets 4 tickets , 5 tickets [best vote]

After 5 days the tickets for each group will be counted and that will determine how they will be covered on PIH .A group that scores low ,will get a few chances to improve their ticket totals, if they can`t then you have determined that they are not ready yet to be a featured group on PIH ,a good score means the group will be regulars to the site.

The ticket totals will be posted and ongoing ,meaning with each live event ,you will vote again and those tickets will be added to their totals and a ticket ranking will be posted with groups fighting over the #1 spot . Only posts with the title PIH Live House /Open Air are eligible to be voted on .


  1. too many NEP videos and not the main formation of QunQun in that one... anyways i do the voting thing in here?

  2. Nep left little choice as their live was in parts ,QunQun it`s ok if it`s not full members ,main thing is to get to know the group .Groups will be posted more then once as we have a lot of this type stuff.


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