Wednesday, April 11, 2012

New Single Previews

Some of the lesser known groups we cover here are coming out with new single PVs .


PV is simple,cute ,w/signboards , a pig ,funny faces by members

Himekyun Fruit Can
[this group is starting to get some buzz and may break out soon and join the big girl party so to speak]




  1. don't tell me that LinQ song is their new single... please don't D:

  2. I like Prizmmy! I saw their two videos, which were just the end credits of an anime called "Pretty Rhythm". (I'd love to see the clean credits, or even a full length video.) I even started a thread at Hello! Online for the anime,, but as usual, no one has responded since this is a kids anime about junior idols. Too bad everyone only likes idols over 16-years-old, who dress in skimpy costumes and have top ten hits.


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