Sunday, April 22, 2012

AKB48 & SNH 48

AKB48 is launching a full scale entry into China.  This entry includes various activities, endorsements and lives, but most importantly it means the establishment of yet another sister group SNH48 [Sha n hai 48] sponsored by Hunan TV and based in Shanghai.

SNH48 will hold China wide auditions in August and Team S will debut in December during AKB48 7th anniversary activities.
If you are wondering what this could look and sound like and I stress could, here is  Chinese  group Lunar [Luna maids] who perform uptempo AKB48 + origional songs and have cosplay of AKB48

I love a good guitar kick in, lol

Now SNH48 comes out with this tempo songs, I`ll be a fan of them.
Thank You Lunar , for some great samples


  1. Oh, god. Aki-P really does want world domination. Well, at least there won't be an NYC48.

    Btw, I have a suggestion for the blog. I go here a lot for your information on indie idols, but there are dozens of pages to scroll through to find info. Maybe you could make an "Idol Group Index" right by the top where it says "Home, Contact, and Message Board" so it would say every group and their website so we could navigate faster, idk. :)

  2. Don`t count out NYC48 yet ,lol

    Index- Will look into it and see what we can put together.


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