Friday, April 20, 2012


Everyone's probably already heard of TYB48 by now!

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They're a new 3 member idol group.
However, there is something unique about this group...

TYB48's members were selected because of their teeth.

 In Japan, crooked teeth is considered very cute on girls, and tsuke yaeba is a procedure done to make your teeth imperfect. Many girls, along with the double eye lid surgery do this to make themselves look cuter.

Now I hope other people see how wrong this is.

A) The girls are highly encouraging other girls to get this procedure which is just like telling a dark skinned person to use lightening products. They're altering their looks because it's more favorable to the public eye which is a shame. The things you do to yourself should be to please yourself, and only yourself.
There is nothing wrong with straight or your natural born teeth.

B) Sigh, yet another 48 group name copier, huh? Adding 48 to the end of your name won't make you more popular. When will groups understand this? And TYB 48... with 3 members. Yes. This makes perfect sense. Was it really that hard to think of a name? "Candy Star" There! Even I can think of one!

On the flip side...

America does this too. America is obsessed with straight teeth; quite the opposite of Japan!
People get braces and wear retainers to make their teeth straighter.
Here, Dentists practically force you to get braces! At least in Japan, you have a choice.
I have rather straight teeth, so I was saved from getting braces though.
If they weren't encouraging others to change themselves and get tsuke yaeba done, I don't think I'd have a problem with this group at all.

The groups first live will be held in Akihabara on April 30th, and their first CD "Mind If I Bite?" (I'm not joking, it's really called this!) will be sold there.

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  1. i knew about this crooked teeth but no idea they actually fix them to look that way... btw is this unit supported by a dentist or a dental clinic? lol

  2. I agree with what you said about altering your looks and the "48" name. This is totally ridiculous, and I wish both of these stupid trends would stop. I haven't even heard the girls sing yet, and they already have two strikes against them.

  3. Candy said: "Candy Star" There! Even I can think of one!

    Candy Star with 8-year-old Mai from Jewel Kiss.

    1. It's a real group?
      Wow, I just though up a name at the top of my head!!


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