Tuesday, April 10, 2012

BiS The Great Game And We All Played

Oh what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive [ Sir Walter Scott 1808] .Remember when I wrote that BiS was going to become a “traditional Idol” group ,going so far as removing their wild idea manager for a “traditional” manager. To ensure this message was taken to heart the member’s blogged, tweeted and comforted their fans, explaining that this change was needed in order to grow.

Now remember when I warned you in the same article that with BiS, not everything is as simple as they say and that their idea of “traditional idol” may not be what the rest of the genre works under.
This ladies and gentlemen is BiS version of “Traditional Idol” and the real video for the single  IDOL.

Well played ladies, well played .I would expect nothing less from you.

It should be noted that in the aftermath of this great marketing game ,they have apologized for deceiving everyone and blamed it on their manager [who did not step down by the way] and slapped him in front of media on behalf of their fans.

I don`t know how the sales will end up, but BiS had a game and we all played.

Well played ladies, well played

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