Friday, January 14, 2011

Morning Musume 9th Gen On Bijo Gaku

For everyone who is following the adventures and developments of the new Morning Musume 9th Generation. Here is their segment from Bijo Gaku that just aired.

It was a very short segment around 10 minutes.


  1. that was sweet of Riho to help them with the dance routine

  2. sugoi thats awesome :D
    riho def seem to be a level headed girl..
    shes really good :o
    im amazed
    its awesome shes helping the other members :)

    GOSH !!!
    xD lol whenever u see kanon smile.. a smile will automatically appear on ur face as well xD

    nd i like the part during the song when sayu looked @ kanon..
    she matured a lot :) (sayu i mean)

  3. KANON!!!! she is so cute. you can tell she loves momusu! Riho helping the other girls is very sweet. Erina needs to loosen up more but they all mesh well togethere!! even mizuki... but i still want saho in their! XD

  4. Reflections
    I think this gen will be well balanced, Riho and Fuku-chan have performance experience and Fuku-chan can be the gen`s big sister and help them understand things when elders get upset at them. Erina and Kanon are interesting members. Erina seems shy, but wants to fit in; there is an idol inside her that will bloom.

    Kanon is excited you can see it in her smile; she could have a hidden Eri like quality to her. Riho has leadership skills, but will need years to develop them to Musume standards

    Fuku-chan could be a breakout star now that she is in Musume. Her face seems much brighter since she joined.

    Erina said something about Sayu that says a lot about Erina.

    She said, "That Sayumi put her microphone in front of her while they were singing Tomo, and that it made her really happy."

    There are other little things that you can notice between the current Musume and 9th gen relationship on stage that once they all start their life in Musume ,this could be a very special generation and group.

  5. the cookies will do fine :D
    (its just awesome some1 though of cookies for the 9th gen xD)

    the 5th 6th and 8th gen all joined later..
    so think they understand how it is to join the group as a new gen..
    which makes them able to help the 9th gen better..

    kanon would be awesome if shes a bit of an air head .. like yea eri..

    erina.. she just needs time to get used to being in momusu... im sure shell be awesome :D

    im liking sayu more and more..
    think sayu is my fav member now :D since eri graduated


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