Sunday, January 2, 2011

Morning Musume: 9th Generation Is 1 EGG + 3 Audition Members

UPDATE: This post will have running updates ,so be sure to check back often

Had to start a part 2 coverage
Ok everyone here it is

Your new 9th Generation Morning Musume.

9th gen Morning Musume members are, Sayashi Riho, Suzuki Kanon, Ikuta Erina, and EGG Fukumura Mizuki


Fukumura Mizuki [14]

Erina [13]

If this does not draw them new fans nothing will, this is cuteness overload entering Musume .Sayu better look out, #1 Kawaii member title has to be defended now.

Lol, Mitsui said on stage that Kanon looks like her the wotas booed Mitsui. Kanon already has wotas.

The three girls from the auditions knew in advance that they were joining; Fukumura did not know and was taken by surprise.Aichan cried with her on stage .

For Everyone who keeps up with the leadership order of rank .It now goes like this
Ai(24), Risa(22), Sayumi(21), Reina(21), Aika(18), Mizuki(14), Erina(13), Riho(12), Kanon(12)

LOL Just for fun

On behalf of the wotas , it`s dance time

Hey Riho ,you are now a Musume , how do you feel?


  1. COngrats to Riho, Kanon and Erina. And congrats to Mizuki but why did Tsunku passover saho again? Looks lik i'll have to try and find a new favoutie out of these lot. Gonna be hard. Got a feeling that Riho and Mizuki will be a lead in the next MM song.

    On a seperate note, looking forwad to hearing Yuu's Solo song, she really deserves it. Hopefully she solo career will be better than Mano's

  2. @ Kira, near the end of the concert new Musume performed “Tomo” together, however only Riho and Fukumura of the new members knew the song. Also fans really enjoyed Yuu`s solo .I think she is going to do well.

    Saho, no idea what will become her.

    Upfront`s Chairman has a lot of say so over who enters these groups and who leaves . Not everything falls on Tsunku .

  3. lol yay :D
    im really glad for all of them :D

    wonder why aina didnt get in...
    she wasnt bad.... :/
    maybe as egg ??

    looking forward to see them in momusu !! :D

    and im REALLY happy for yuu as well :D
    Finally she gets to debut
    looking forward to see her perform as well :D

    congratz to all of them :D

  4. @ Road, This time they got it right. No one will say well the best one will end up in AKB48. Yuu`s fans got justice for her and the EGGS now have hope that they can enter the top group.

    I was surprised that they performed on stage so quickly after the announcement; it was a nice way to welcome the new members.
    Be sure everyone to keep checking back, as I will have ongoing coverage and I will post videos as soon as it makes the news programs.

  5. AINA!!!!!! NOOO...... well hopefully she wil be an egg atleast and hey kanon and riho made it... a bit surprised about the egg from shugo but I really wanted saho their!! anyways congrats to the winners and for some reason this generetion looks like it's going to be hard for sayumi.hehehehehe :)

  6. Everyone I made a new Part 2 post on the front page

    @ Jenny ,Sayu will have to defend the #1 Kawaii crown now .Hope she does not go to eye lash plucking again. ,lol.

  7. I think having four members is better than the two or three that I predicted about the 9th generation members, I made a blog post here.

  8. Kanon is the bomb. All 4 are beyond excellent.


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