Tuesday, November 30, 2010

SDN48: Eros no Trigger + Kodoku na Runner PV

UPDATED NOV 30 Added 1 More PV

SDN48: Eros no Trigger + Kodoku na Runner PV

SDN48 are following in the footsteps of their sister units by giving their fans more and more for their money.

When you purchase SDN48`s debut single GAGAGA you also get a number of coupling tracks all with their own videos.

Here is a couple to enjoy.

Why is it, when watching Eros no Trigger do I feel like I am watching the opening to a spy film.

Oh and for you fan service fans, pay close attention to this video around the 2:25-2:30 mark.

In addition, many members have changed their hair colors and styles

Kodaku na Runner is a live performance style video, both show that when it comes to video making that the 48`s are in this decade, and other challengers are still living in the past.

Are these two videos the greatest videos in music history? , no, however the music, look and feel is good and modern.

SDN48 fans seem to feel the same way as their debut single has a strong chance of reaching 60,000 for the first week. [EDIT - this single has Sold over 63,000 to date]

Eros no Trigger

Kodaku na Runner

UPDATE Last Coupling Track

[ this PV is great]


  1. lebird not sure what the question is ?

    Anyway sales wise it is at

    SKE48 134,017
    SDN48 63,627
    Morning Musume 47,204
    Idoling!!! 39,923

  2. haha I didn't notice I put a question mark there.
    I meant to say I'm liking SDN48 better than SKE48.
    They're all awesome anyway.

  3. Yeah that was a little confusing, lol. SDN48 is becoming one of my new favorite's .The songs and videos are all well done and have a modern feel to it. I think you can be an idol group and not sound like a traditional cute idol group.

    Another plus for me, is that they break all the age stereo types of the past .Now you cannot say at 25 an idol has to "retire" from a group.


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