Friday, October 8, 2010

Manaminorisa First Solo Concert

Recently I introduced here a rising group out of Hiroshima called Manaminorisa .On Oct 2 they held their first one-man [solo] concert .The concert was at a tiny live house in Hiroshima BACK BEAT and was broadcast live on USTREAM and later archived.

The concert features the group in a full 90+ minute live concert , complete with costume changes , a bad sound echo at times [common for venues under 200 capacity ] ,and 120 of the groups devoted Hiroshima based fans.

After the first song, the concert settles into the classic independent small venue and closeness feel, which is a part of this level of Idol genre.

Their wotas are calm compared to some groups, who have at times had to tell their fans to calm down because they cannot hear.

This is a really fun group to watch ,and their fan base is starting to grow nationally now.

Concert Note
If you base your opinions of this group on the first song and the sound problems or even this venue,their Independent status , then you are cutting this group short. This group graduated from the same music school as Perfume and is rising up the ranks of Idol genre.

Event`s USTREAM Link

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  1. They sing really cool songs!
    Thank you for the article.

  2. Yeah, they do. If they were a little bigger in popularity, the songs would sound great in a big theatre.

    I have Afilia and some others on the list to add.

  3. I got their album in the mail last week and i love it!
    It came with a signed photo.

  4. I love Idols and I love to read what you write... (:o..
    This blog introduced me to so many cool songs and groups; Afilia Saga East and JK21 being my favorites.
    It's so hard to find info on the less known Idol groups when you're not good in Japanese (my case.)
    I am very grateful.

  5. Berryz,

    Great! I never know when posting about any group not named 48 or working for H!P how well it will go over.

    Their lives do not always show it, but they are a good Idol group with a creative name.
    On my related post, I have them doing a Buono song “My Boy” in an open-air festival; they do a good job with it.


    Thanks for all the kind words . There are many more idol groups here in Japan then just AKB48 and Hello!Project. There are 100`s of Idol groups and soloists ,most are Indies ,so I have no shortage of groups to pick from .


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