Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Magical cover; Afilia Saga East: Magical Faces Part 3

Our special look at the Thai Dance Cover Idol group Magical cover; Afilia Saga East continues.
With a group like Magical it`s hard to select an Oshimen [member that you would give your fullest support to] ,so to help you decide here we go for today`s previews.

First up ,is a member that is on the top of my Magical Oshiman candidate list.

MG 07 : Prae (cover as Louise Sforzur)
Sobriquet : Taro (White as Taro) (This is "Thai Idioms")
Birthday : 12/26
Blood type : A
Height : 165 cm
Her Charm Point is  : Flabby Mouth (lol lol lol)
Her  hobbies are : Reading, Anime, Manga, Computer, Cosplay, Cover Dance, and Afilia Saga East Addicted
Her Special Ability is : Making Bracelets & Some Trifling’s
The 1 Word she uses to describe herself is : Taro….
Her Self-introduction is : Yo! I’m very nube but love everyone, byeeeeee.

Next up is

MG 08 : Lukkupato (Lukpud in Romaji Style) (cover as Emiu Weilschmidt)
Sobriquet : Black Hole, Little Sheep
Birthday : 07/26
Blood type : O
Height : 154 cm
Her Charm Point is  : Mole under Right Eye
Her  Hobbies are : Cosplay, Cover Dance, Reading Books, Photography, Playing with my lovely cat
Her Special Ability is:  that she has a Special Sense for Sweets. [Loves Sweets]
The 1 Word she uses to describe herself is: I'm Hungry!….
Self-introduction : A little sheep blood O type that wants to rule the World, is a Nikon type Cosplayer. Salve of all cats in the world and Megane Holic. Normally I’m the Magical Girl who loves to put on makeup and is a Fashion Holic.

The last profile we have is

MG 09 : Palm(Olive) (cover as Laura Sucreine)
Sobriquet : Slothy (Sloth is an animal that have a cute dizzy face)
Birthday : 02/20
Blood type : B
Height : 158 cm
Her Charm Point is  : having a face like this >>> ( = = )? All the time.
Her  Hobby is : Yaoi Holic (Another Fujoshi?)
Her Special Ability is : Being a salve of all Cats (≧◇≦)
The 1 Word she uses to describe herself is: Nube~
Her Self-introduction is : In this World I will forgive just Megane Boys , Loli Girls and all Cats. ╮(╯▽╰)╭

The more I  learn about the members of Magical the more I wish they had a maid cafĂ© in Akihabara ,Magical is just  moe sweetness overload.

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PS-Make sure you go to their Facebook Page and help them get to 1,000 likes and leave some words of support if you want to.

Profile Day 6

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