Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Magical cover; Afilia Saga East: Magical Faces Part 2

In our continuing look at the members of Magical cover; Afilia Saga East we have three more members to introduce , bringing the total to five Magical faces.
First up is

MG 02 : Momin (cover as Maho Sotto Voce)
Sobriquet : Sweet Eyes
Birthday : 07/01
Blood Type : A
Height : 163
Her charm point is her tan skin ,she sometimes feels that she may tan “Maybe too much”
Her hobbies are  Cover Dancing, Drawing, and Watching Anime
Her Special Ability is : is singing and playing keyboards
The words that she uses to best describe herself is “Too Much”
Her Self-Introduction is : Ha~i .. Momindayo~

Next up is

MG 04 : BB (cover as Aria M Milvana)
Sobriquet : The Tallest!
Birthday : 11/23
Blood type : O
Height : 2 m (???)
Her charm point is: Being the  Tallest! In Magical
Her hobbies are  : Eating, playing games, drawing, Cosplay & Cover
Her Special Ability is: Never get enough sleep!
The one word that she uses to describe herself is : Talllllll
Her Self-introduction is : I’m a tallest girl in Magical that admires lolicon ///v/// and always loves moe moe cute things! I’m a cry-baby girl type and love to hug. Love you all

The last member we have today is
MG 05 : Jahoii (cover as Kurumi Lala Milk)
Sobriquet : Polite Max! (Really)
Birthday : 02/22
Blood type : B
Height : 158 cm

Her charm point is: Being the most polite girl in Magical!
Her hobbies are  : Cosplay, Cover, Drawing, UFO, Community Work, Anime, Manga, Enjoy Eating, 
Her Special abilities : Being polite in every situation  and she can  sleep anywhere [in every situation ]
The one word that she uses to describe herself is: Cheeky
Her Self-introduction is : I’m a very polite and kind to the environment girl, so please don’t be scared of me. I love kids, snacks (or everything that I can eat) , money and everything for free. Please feed me!~ (!?!?)

So we are five members in and as you can see ,this is a charming group with colorful members. In the coming days we will learn about more members and the Pure Idol Heart staff is putting the final touches on the questions that we will send to the members of Magical for an upcoming interview.
So please look forward to many more Magical faces of Magical cover; Afilia Saga East and an upcoming interview on Pure Idol Heart.

Thanks again to the members of Magical and to their staff for providing the members information for this article.

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  1. Kyyaaa! BB is so cute!!! Loving Magical <3

    1. I am having a lot of fun adding this group to Pure Idol Heart.


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