Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Fresh Faces of Alice Project #2

Just how many characters was in OZ to start with.
Just like yesterday we have some more trainees connected to Alice Project and the group OZ
Amaki Jun

She is 17 and from Kansai and is looking to join OZ
150 cm and has a big smile
She currently uses the trainees blog .Alice has a set of milestones to hit before you get a personal blog.

Kitamura Mami

Mami is 15

Hoshi Aina

Aina is 15
She was doing handshakes at the Alice Theater
I do not know when all of these trainees will debut ,however I am rooting for them all to debut soon. 

Just a reminder ,Pure Idol Heart has had someone at the Alice Theater almost nightly since it opened this month and a full feature is being developed for posting .

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